2014 Spirit of Golf Award

Following on from the buzz created by The Open, the Golf Foundation is working even harder to develop golf in schools and clubs.

A Primary School Offer was produced in response to the government’s announcement about additional funding for primary schools. This proved to be very popular last year and the hope is that it will be just as popular this year. The offer makes it very easy for schools to get involved in golf, so if you’d like your pupils to take part in a sport that can also help with the achievement of educational aims.

Golf Xtreme and StreetGolf are continuing to attract the attention of teenagers and the link with the Premier League through its Premier League 4 Sport programme is very exciting indeed!

More emphasis is being placed on encouraging youngsters to become regular players in clubs and the rapid growth of the Junior Golf Passport is a good sign. 

The future for junior golf and the Golf Foundation looks very bright. Onward and upward!

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