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Cracking golf and design!

StreetGolf games for the 11+ can encourage plenty of creativity, from kids coming up with their own radical games to suit their environment, to pupils creating layouts for StreetGolf courses as part of design work in school curriculum learning.

In an interesting development, RDO for the South East Andy Wright has been meeting the team at Crackit!, a project which encourages young people to mix their new sporting skills with art and design learning. A school cricket project has already enjoyed success in this way – youngsters were coached in the game and also created their very own whacky art designs to personalise their cricket bats, which were then professionally produced for them in vivid colours. Andy said: “In the cricket example, the children clearly loved the result of their designs on the finished bats and we are exploring how this could work for our new golfers. The idea is that artistic kids think about a new sport and sporty kids think more about design.”

The first Crackit! school StreetGolf session was held recently at The St Leonards Academy in Bexhill, Sussex, supported by the team behind Crackit!, Future Proof CIC, and the students’ golfing designs will now be professionally produced for them on golf gear to show off their efforts.

A big thanks also to Shaun Creasey, PGA Pro at Cooden Beach Golf Club (pictured below), who was present to coach the young designers and new golfers. Shaun will offer follow-on golf opportunities back at his club for all who wish to pursue their golf in a ‘win-win’ for design study and the sport of golf.

Shaun Creasy, PGA Pro at 



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