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Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in schools due to the success of adapted versions of the game in the form of Tri-Golf and StreetGolf, both developed by the Golf Foundation.

Through the work of its Education Steering Group, the Golf Foundation has updated StreetGolf to meet the requirements of changes to the Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum. These updates include a number of new supporting resources that are free to download from the right hand side of this page:

• Schemes of work for development, intermediate and advanced stages.

• Pupil skill cards.

• Learning step cards for teachers and pupils.

Some new web-based resources are now available to help young children who have just been introduced to the sport. 

The Golf Foundation are utilising a range of web based resources created by our Development Partner Factory Eleven.

Information pages and games have been produced, which will be useful for teachers and great fun for pupils.

To access the resources, simply click here or follow the 'Golf Parc' link shown on the right-hand side of this page.

Science of Golf Resource

The Golf Foundation in conjunction with the Independent Schools Golf Association and through permission from the World Golf Hall of Fame has developed an exciting new resource for teaching science through golf. Free to download on the right of this page, the 'Science of Golf' provides 6 activities that explain key science concepts such as first law of motion, kinetic and potential energy, momentum, effects of temperature on materials and lift through the medium of golf.

The resource can be adapted for use at Key Stage 3 or 4 and is set in the context of HSBC Golf Roots - the national project to develop playing and social skills amongst all young people through golf, coordinated by the Golf Foundation.