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Lincs girls Unleash their Drive!

The Golf Foundation team is delighted with feedback from our first 2022 ‘Unleash your Drive’ training workshop for young players, last weekend.

Unleash your Drive is all about offering young people of all ages the tools to help their resilience, concentration and confidence on the golf course, but also in their wider lives. 

This first session of three was for the girls of the Lincolnshire Girls Development Squad at Lincoln Golf Club on Sunday. Fifteen girls attended, and parents were welcomed too, as Lincolnshire Women’s Golf Association’s Stacey McNicholas and Helen McDougall introduced young players to training points like the Square of Concentration and improved self-reflection (‘What went well?’ ‘Even better if’). Unleash your Drive helps with breathing techniques, coping with pressure and mindfulness which can help the wellbeing of all involved. 

Andy Leigh, who leads on Unleash your Drive for the Golf Foundation, said: “Delivering the first part of the programme to the Lincolnshire Girls Development Squad was very well received. The girls were really committed and as a result got a lot from their session. It’s great there has been some very positive feedback already from parents and the girls and I am looking forward to delivering the next two sessions and then seeing the results after the final session. A massive thank you to Stacey and Helen for organising this opportunity and I’d also like to thank all at Lincoln Golf Club for hosting.”

Unleash your Drive will continue to be rolled out across the regions during 2022, so watch this space!  

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