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Coach and young man play StreetGolf in Tower Hamlets

Doorstep Clubs

StreetGolf is delivered through a network of Doorstep Sport Clubs, in partnership with Street Games, aiming to reach young people who might never otherwise think of trying golf.

These are fun, informal sports clubs that operate “at the right time, for the right price, in the right place and in the right style”. A Doorstep Sport Club provides a vibrant and varied StreetGolf offer to young people in disadvantaged communities, increasing their interest in the playing and personal benefits of golf.

Doorstep Clubs are delivered by local Coordinators and Activators trained to deliver StreetGolf, and links are created with local golf providers to offer follow-on activity.

The support of StreetGames has allowed StreetGolf to grow as a key sport played by young people in these clubs. StreetGames is a charity which seeks “to change lives, change communities and change sport”. StreetGames helps over 600 community organisations across the UK to take sport to the doorstep in disadvantaged communities. 

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