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Coaching at Overstone Park GC

Captain’s Charity idea inspires community and the club itself

A Captain, PGA Pro and members working in harmony with a local school have created an “amazing” opportunity for boys and girls to experience the technical skills and ‘Skills for Life’ that golf can offer.

Members at Overstone Golf Club in Northants talked to the Golf Foundation about making a long-term difference in the community and wanted to encourage youngsters whose families wouldn’t have considered golf, securing an HSBC Golf Roots Plus grant to combine with club Captain Steve Moore’s charity donation for the year to invest in the sport locally.

This gave respected club professional Brian Mudge and his team a great springboard to offer school taster sessions at Lings Primary School and then welcome 12 youngsters aged 4-7 years old back to the club for further coaching. Not only have the kids gained confidence in playing a new sport, life skills which have been developed on the lesson tee appear to have improved their approach to life at school too. Their enthusiasm led to the club offering 12 free junior memberships for the boys and girls.   

After Captain Steve Moore’s wish to use Captain’s Charity money for the project, Brian Mudge, a PGA Fellow Professional, designed a structured coaching plan, starting with the Golf Foundation’s Tri-Golf system. 

From there it developed into weekly and holiday coaching sessions. Lings PE co-ordinator Anne Davies and her 18-handicap son Thomas provided transport to ensure no-one missed out on the opportunity. 

Brian Mudge said: “Anne has been fantastic. Her dedication to this along with her son has been brilliant. The project has worked so well that next year’s Captain - Mark Newton - is going to carry it on.” 

Word has spread in the local community. Now five schools are queuing up to get involved.

Anne Davies said: “All of the students have been amazing. They are practising all the time. We have all seen the benefits in terms of how much they have improved - and in class they are more confident, they show more resilience and perseverance, which all comes from golf.” 

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