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Club Appeal

Annual Appeal – £2 per member works so well

Through its innovative initiatives, the Golf Foundation consistently reaches half a million young people each year and introduces large numbers to golf clubs. With the support of the major national organisations in golf, this charity is also committed to ensuring that more young people stay in golf clubs.

One of our core objectives is to increase the number of young people visiting a golf club. Last year we encouraged 40,000 extra youngsters to go through the gates of a club in England via HSBC Golf Roots and 14,000 continue to play regularly. We wish to encourage 50,000 youngsters into a club every year by 2018, with 15,000 going on to be regular players.

As a charitable organisation, the Golf Foundation relies upon the support of core funders and its own fundraising efforts. We are therefore asking golf clubs to help us with our fundraising this year. In making this request, we hope that you understand the genuine benefit of our work for the growth of the sport and be willing to make a donation.

This can be achieved by clubs collecting £2 per member as part of a subscription renewal process, or running an annual medal event where the proceeds are donated to the charity. Please find attached an example letter for your to customise for your club.

The Golf Foundation believes in making golf a fun experience for all children and young people, promoting valuable life skills and supporting the future of the game in clubs. Please help the Golf Foundation promote these core principles.

Headline Sponsor For Golf Roots

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Core Funders

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