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Virtual School Games Offer

While there is still uncertainty whether schools and children will be able to participate at inter-school golf competitions we have developed a Virtual Golf Skills Competition. This will enable SGOs and Active Partnerships to offer a competitive experience and compare scores against others schools in their area or county.

The format of this competition can be found in our updated School Games Toolkit and outlined below is further information on how any school can participate, engage young leaders in the activity and upload their score.

Leadership & Scoring

The simplicity of the 4-game Golf Skills Competition enables scoring to be easy to follow. Players have 3 shots on each game which contributes to the team score. There are scorecards provided in the School Games Toolkit and each member of the team is encouraged to keep their own score. We also believe this is an opportunity to ask other children to be a leader, explain the game, manage the scoring, and ensuring everybody is playing in a positive spirit. On each of the 4 games there is a School Games Value score that the leader can objectively award to the team.

Entering a Score

We have created a dedicated website where scores for the 4 games and the School Games Values totals can all be uploaded. The FAQ section will provide all the information required to enter a score correctly and how to sort the scores by SGO area and by county.

If there are any questions please speak to your local Regional Development Officer or email

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