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Golf In Primary Schools

Primary Schools Programme

Our new Schools Programme is designed to make the introduction of golf to young people fun, inclusive and enriching. The adapted equipment is bright and colourful, big and bold, so that pupils achieve success straight away. Sessions are taught through a series of lively team games suitable for a school hall or playground. The activities can be adapted to the ability of the pupils. Life skills are taught through our games and encourage pupils to think how they can use these skills away from the playground. A memorable and enjoyable experience is encouraged at the local golf club.

The Primary Schools Programme will ensure that boys and girls of all abilities and from all backgrounds are introduced to the sport over a period of 6 weeks in fun and meaningful golf sessions.


Programme Benefits to the child
  • Provides an introduction to a non-traditional school sport in a familiar environment.
  • Teaches the key skills for golf in a fun and safe way.
  • Introduces an individual sport (Golf is a great way to set personal best scores, work out how to improve next time and track progress).
  • Develops ‘Skills for Life’ tools such as emotional control, focus, visualisation and self-reflection and also the importance of honesty, respect, perseverance and teamwork.


Programme Benefits to the school
  • Teaches positive values and the power of sport (Skills for Life)
  • An ideal sport that is accessible for all pupils of all skill levels and physical abilities.
  • Prepares pupils to be part of a team for the School Games Golf Competition.


What does the Programme offer?

We believe that learning to play golf at school is the beginning of a golfing journey that can last a lifetime. Our exciting new Schools Programme offers 5 key elements:

  • Adapted equipment, Golfway, from our equipment partner Masters Golf;
  • 6 prescriptive lesson plans that give participants the chance to try golf, learn the basic skills and develop transferable abilities that will help them away from playing golf;
  • Training for teachers and coaches on how to deliver engaging sessions for young people with a key focus on teaching transferable life skills;
  • Fun and inclusive competition formats;
  • A link to the local golf facility and PGA Professional Coach (where available).





Primary School Monitoring

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