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Putting Cards Extract

Using Flash Cards to Teach Golf

Flash cards can prove to be a valuable visual tool when teaching young people how to play golf.

They can be especially useful when teaching young people with a range of disabilities who often have excellent visual memory skills compared to typically developed children. By using visual learning techniques, coaches can work to the strengths of children with a range of disabilities. 

Here are some of the benefits to using visual guides when coaching young people:

  • Visuals are inclusive and non-judgemental 
  • Visuals have universal appeal 
  • Visuals can be used to support the processing of verbal language
  • Visuals can provide greater clarity in what is being said
  • Visuals can support a young person to communicate what they are trying to say, what they are learning or have learnt
  • Visuals are transferable between people, objects and places so can help provide consistency
  • Visuals can help to build a young person’s independence and confidence
  • Visuals can allow a young person to model or mimic what they see

To get the most out of visual learning include the following for even more opportunities for skills to be picked up:

  • Use signing or gestures
  • Include kinaesthetic movement or resources to support their learning (seeing and doing)

To get started, please download a printable PDF version of the flash cards by clicking on the icon below.

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