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Primary School Tri-Golf Courses

Tri-Golf is the perfect resource to offer children their first introduction to golf at school, and many teachers and coaches are delivering it. Tri-Golf equipment is adaptable, and has reaches beyond the traditional PE department which is why the Golf Foundation is now helping 10 primary schools to build a Tri-Golf course in their school grounds. St Osyth C of E Primary School in Clacton-on-Sea recently opened its course and others are planned in places such as Birmingham, Hull, Preston, Porthcawl and London.

The key to the initiative is that each course will be a permanent feature, so that today's kids can enjoy playing the course, marking their scorecards and learning everything involved with playing a round of golf, while pupils in the future will also benefit from these courses and children in the wider community can also play. 

Two school Tri-Golf courses have previously been built in Birmingham (Rednal Hill & Lyng Primary) and have had a positive impact on enhancing teaching across the curriculum.  Both schools received recognition from Ofsted for the contribution the golf initiatives have made (see case study for more information.)
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