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Boy crouching down by golf ball at Cookridge Hall GC

The Captain's Charity

A simple and effective way to help the next generation

Many golf clubs recognise the value of supporting the work of the Golf Foundation, as it has a growing impact on the junior sections of individual clubs everywhere.

To make this all happen we need the backing of golf clubs and club players more than ever. Has your club ever considered supporting grass roots junior golf and the Golf Foundation through the ‘Captain’s Charity’ system?

To play a part in growing the game for the next generation is a highly worthwhile cause. Adult players can enjoy the benefits of golf and more young people should be able to experience and acquire the valuable life skills and lessons from the game. It’s a healthy sport, a sport for life, and very much worth backing through fundraising.

A number of clubs are making a fantastic investment by supporting the Golf Foundation through their ‘Captain’s Charity’, while making a genuine impact in their own community.

Clubs can choose their own way of supporting junior golf in this fashion; in some cases allocating a portion of funds to the Golf Foundation and a portion to either a national good cause or local charity initiative. Such a decision could also include supporting a local community golfing initiative relevant to the club, and the Golf Foundation could advise on this.

This is an innovative but straightforward way of helping the next generation to enjoy the game.

For more information please contact Vanessa Bell, Head of Fundraising at

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