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Young People
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Young People - Why golf is a great game to play

If you are wondering why you should start to play golf, here are some great reasons to give the game a go...

  1. Golf is a brilliant way for you and your friends to spend time together. There’s time to talk between shots and a huge amount of fun involved in playing. It’s also an excellent way to make new friends.

  2. Golf is great if you love all games but if you’re not into contact sports and traditional team events, golf can be a real confidence booster. A qualified Professional Coach will help you learn all the skills you need from the start. You can play golf on your own, in a pair, or more!

  3. Golf isn’t just about an 18-hole round, there are loads of ways to enjoy it. You can play it over 3, 6 or 9 holes, spend time on the putting green learning a new skill, visit the driving range with friends or try one of the fun formats like ‘GolfSixes League’, ’StreetGolf’, ‘Tri-Golf', or ’adventure golf’.

    (GolfSixes League is a fun format – six hole matches, teams of six, playing in pairs in team colours.)

  4. Golf is a game where you can compete against and enjoy playing with your sisters/brothers/mum/dad and even your grandparents. It's a great game for the whole family to enjoy together.

  5. You will have fun while keeping active in the fresh air in green, healthy surroundings. Golf gets you moving more as you walk between holes, swing your clubs and carry your bag of clubs.

  6. Golf can help your health, confidence and self- esteem. You can learn how to practise self-control, or how to focus while developing skills such as sportsmanship, and working with and respecting others.

  7. As you learn to play you will find that golf is a great game for competition. The scoring formats of golf can lead to close, exciting finishes to matches. On television, you will enjoy watching the likes of Rory McIlroy and Georgia Hall fighting it out for victory and you’ll soon find yourself saying to yourself: “This putt to win The Open!”

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