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July 2, 2021

First tee wobbles…. to the widest of smiles: that’s GolfSixes League

Wirral’s first #GolfSixesLeague match for 2021 was a joy for all present after the last year, for this inclusive six-hole, six-a-side, pairs format for new boy and girl players. Hosted by the Wirral Golf Academy team at Leasowe Golf Club, teams from Wallasey, Heswall, Caldy and Royal Liverpool played a great match together.

(Image courtesy of Arthur Gold)

The format has been a hit with its young players (Texas scramble means everyone can have a go with less pressure), and also parents are turning up in numbers to watch.PGA Professionals are at the heart of GolfSixes League, inspiring the youngsters through weekly coaching. 

Views on the day best summed up by Laurie Briggs, Junior Organiser of Royal Liverpool, who said: “Having helped run various sports teams over the years, today was the first time where I genuinely didn’t care about any result, or performance. It was just great to see so many kids, boys and girls, all ages, all sizes, all abilities, going around a golf course together and smiling.

“One of our team picked a club up for the first time two weeks ago. He went to the range this afternoon because he was so nervous. He was shaking as he put the tee in on the first tee, literally trembling. He smacked one down the middle, took a huge sigh of relief and burst out into a huge grin! That will stick with me for a long time!”

Nationally, more than 400 golf clubs across the four Home Nations are taking part in GolfSixes League this summer, inspiring around 5,000 new players.

Another parent said after the match: “I echo Laurie’s sentiment – a really great day for all involved. The kids had a great time, the parents were impressed with the organisation and overall all have gone home happy and looking forward to future Sixes events. The enthusiasm is through the roof!”

Another view: “The kids had a superb time today! A big thanks to Andy Leigh and Angela Dale for organising. We’re looking forward to hosting the next round at Caldy. The kids loved the event.”

Golf Foundation RDO Andy Leigh said: “As Laurie alluded to, I was particularly struck by the joy and enthusiasm of everyone to be playing in the first ever Wirral GolfSixes League match with the support of their families. The first conversations about bringing GolfSixes League to Wirral took part back in the summer of 2019, so it was heartwarming to see the effect this fun, team golf had on everyone present. It was worth the wait. A big thanks again to Angela and Leasowe Golf Club for hosting this special day.”

GolfSixes League is supported by The R&A, and the four Home Nations, with generous additional support from Titleist, the #1 ball in golf.

The Golf Foundation team is asking all golf clubs taking part in GolfSixes League to post their own stories on social media and tag in our charity; we will share your good efforts!

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