The School Games was created to inspire more young people to take part in competition at school as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games legacy. The Golf Foundation embraced the opportunity provided by the School Games and in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to develop an 8-game Golf festival format for primary schools and a new Super Sixes format for secondary age pupils. The formats have been hugely successful with almost every borough in London offering a golf competition and 90% of School Games Organisers running a golf event across England. Over 3,000 schools deliver golf each year as part of the School Games and 50,000 young people a year take part in a competition against other schools.

The School Games is a celebration of competitive sport that involves young people in years 3 to 13, of all abilities and backgrounds. Through HSBC Golf Roots, the Golf Foundation is committed to providing more competitive opportunities for young people and believes that by supporting schools and their networks to deliver the School Games more young people will also be introduced to golf and enjoy further opportunities through clubs.

The Golf Skills Festivals are popular at primary school level for children new to golf and using adapted golf equipment.

It can be delivered for all 3 levels of the School Games; Intra-School Competition (Level 1), Inter-School Competition (Level 2) and County Finals (Level 3).

GolfWay School Games Toolkit

Golfway Four-Game Toolkit

Here are 4 competition options:

  • 8-game Golf Skills Competition
  • Virtual Golf Skills Competition
  • Golf School Games Values Festival
  • ‘My PB’ (Personal Best) Challenge

Intra-School Competition (Level 1)

At intra-school level, teachers can use the ‘Virtual Golf Skills Competition’ or ‘My PB’ Challenge’ (using the 4-game Skills Festival). The 8-game Golf Skills Festival can be split and used to structure individual lessons.

Inter-School Competition (Level 2) and County Finals (Level 3)

At Inter-School and County levels, event organisers should use all 8 games in the agreed county format i.e. 8-Game Golf Skills Competition’, My PB Challenge or Golf School Games Values Festival.

The formats in more detail

8-game Golf Skills Competition: The 8-game Golf Skills Competition is ideal for a mass participation event. An 8-game circuit can host between 20 – 160 young people across 2 -16 teams of 10 (5 girls and 5 boys).

• Resource: Use all 8 games in this resource with the game scoring only.

Golf School Games Values Festival: The 8-game Skills Competition circuit is ideal for a mass participation event. Each of the 8 games carries one of the School Games Values (Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination, and Teamwork). The Golf School Games Values Festival is a great way to practically deliver and demonstrate the School Games Values in action. As the team plays that game, a young leader or teacher will explain a value and assess the team on how well they demonstrated that value during the game.

• Resource: Use all 8 games in this resource with both the game scoring, School Games Values scoring and scorecard.

Virtual Golf Skills Competition: The 4-game Golf Skills Competition is used for this. The 4 games are easy to setup using equipment you have at school. You will split your class into teams of 10 (5 girls and 5 boys). Every player takes 3 shots on each of the 4 games, this will give you a total team score. The team score is then uploaded onto our dedicated website where you will see a live leaderboard. You will be able to see the school name, SGO area and county for each team on the leader board.

• Resource: Use games numbered 5 – 8 in this resource and the guidance on

‘My PB’ Challenge: Using the 4-game Golf Skills Competition, the ‘My PB’ Challenge allows individual pupils to play the game to set a score and then try and beat their personal best score. This universal format is ideal as a mass participation event, curriculum PE session, health week activity and more. It can be split to be delivered as 4 separate challenges or delivered as a circuit of 4 challenges and can be delivered to face-to-face mixed groups and virtually (school or home).

• Resource: Use games numbered 5 – 8 in this resource and the ‘My PB’ Challenge Scorecard

(Header Image: Sussex School Games Tri-Golf Festival, courtesy of Steven Laurence)

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