GolfSixes League Parent Support

Welcome to GolfSixes League 2024

Congratulations on your child being picked to be part of a GolfSixes League. You are one of over 8,000 players this year that will get to experience this fun and inclusive initiative.

Whether it is your first year being part of GolfSixes League, or you have been involved before, this section is designed to provide you with some great ways in which you can support your child.

GolfSixes League Overview

How To Prepare Your Child For GolfSixes League

How to Live Score at a GolfSixes League Fixture using the Golf Genius App

If you choose to volunteer to be a scorer at a GolfSixes League fixture, you may choose to do so through the GolfGenius App. This allows you to simply record the scores for each pair after every hole at the touch of a button.

Just ask your Team Manager for the GGID code for your fixture and off you go! 

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