GolfSixes League Intra

GolfSixes League has returned for 2023, with over 100 leagues due to launch in May.

You may have decided not to be part of the full league for this year, but that doesn’t mean as a club you can’t keep using the resources to play an ’Intra Club’ version of the format.

When you register as an Intra Club, you will receive a resource pack to assist you in running fixtures: 

– GolfSixes League Branded Tee Markers
– Scorecards
– Clipboard
– Pens

We have also put together these guidelines and some downloadable resources to help support and encourage the continuation of GolfSixes League activity with the squad within your golf club.

To register your golf club to be a GolfSixes Intra Club for 2023 please click HERE

GolfSixes League Intra 2023: Your Resources

GolfSixes League Scorecard

GolfSixes scorecard image

GolfSixes Intra 1st Tee Checklist

1st Tee Checklist image

GolfSixes League Intra Guidance Notes

Question & answer image

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