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May 28, 2020

Pebble Beach or your patio… Golf Rules OK!

The Old Course… Augusta… or even your back garden… knowing the Rules of Golf can help make you a Champion!

This Friday (tomorrow), juniors and families can all learn valuable insights into the Rules of Golf from one of the world’s leading referees.

Golf fans of all ages are encouraged to set their alarms for 3pm tomorrow, as The R&A hosts a very special edition of ‘Rules from the Garden: #AskGrant’ – on YouTube and Facebook.

The screening will be interactive, with viewers able to use the comments section on either platform to pose questions.

The popular series ‘Rules from the Garden’ has been one of the highlights of The R&A’s dedicated social media campaign #GolfAtHome, staged during this challenging time.

Grant Moir, Director – Rules at The R&A, has been giving viewers a unique take on the Rules that govern the playing of the sport by using various props in his garden – from sand pits to shoes – to highlight situations such as unplayable lies, penalty areas and more.

Grant will host the Rules Q&A this Friday and answer a host of questions, while also sharing his experiences of working at The Open in recent years.

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Learning the Rules of Golf is important for any young golfer as they make progress in the sport, including competition. At the very top of the sport, a number of times in the last 10 years, understanding of the Rules by a player has been crucial in the outcome of a major championship.

The Golf Foundation is a national charity that promotes the unique values of golf for young people; that it is a special game that requires you to referee yourself, encouraging life skills such as integrity and honesty.

The teaching of these Skills for Life underpins all the Golf Foundation’s work as we encourage more young people to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in golf. For younger players, the PGA Professional coaches and volunteers this charity works with, gradually introduce children to the Rules and etiquette of golf through all our programmes, including the Junior Golf Passport

Thanks for getting involved in #GolfAtHome

(Image courtesy of Chris Vaughan Photography)

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