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Primary Schools

Find out more about the FUN, 'mini' version of golf for use by children in primary and junior schools....

Secondary Schools

StreetGolf equipment includes light weight clubs and reduced flight balls that can be used by secondary school pupils....

School Games

School Games is a celebration of competitive sport that involves young people in years 3 to 13, of all abilities and backgrounds...


Golf Foundation workshops make the introduction of golf to young people both fun and safe. Find and more and book a place......

Primary School Golf  - by Emile Holba

The Golf Foundation has developed versions of golf that can be used in primary and secondary schools

The Golf Foundation has developed two special versions of golf for primary and secondary schools, perfectly suited for large classes of pupils for a fun and safe introduction to the sport.

A FUN, 'mini' version of golf for use by children in primary and junior schools. They can hit their first golf shots with their classmates, learn to co-operate and respect other players, add up their scores honestly and succeed in colourful and active game formats. Both of our Primary and Secondary school programmes offer ‘Skills for Life’ learning and Curriculum learning.

Our secondary school offer uses specially designed, lighter, beginner-friendly clubs and reduced flight balls for use by secondary school aged pupils. Boys and girls can play full golf shots safely, play informally together or in high-energy team games, and even design their very own formats and golf course layouts, mixing fun with a range of learning options.

The two formats are both being used widely in successful school competition and inter-school competition.

The Golf Foundation has developed equipment, workshops, resources and competition toolkits to support teachers' delivery of golf in schools.  


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