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August 17, 2020

Thomas Bjorn the champion in #Wentworth2Wales challenge

This has been one of golf’s best stories of the year – 2018 Ryder Cup Europe Captain Thomas Bjorn successfully completed his 210km walk from #Wentworth2Wales on Sunday – raising thousands of pounds to support young people through charities UNICEF and the Golf Foundation.

Thomas Bjorn’s amazing effort over four days in all weathers has been a great boost for our charity, helping us in our work to offer young people life changing opportunities through the power of golf. Thomas has not only raised valuable funds (£35,000 total at the time of writing for both charities), he has shone a light on our charity to a great many families new to golf, and established golf fans of all ages.

Readers of this page can still donate to Thomas at

Famous voices were heard in support of the walk from Wentworth to Celtic Manor: NHS fundraiser Captain Sir Tom Moore, Liverpool FC’s Jurgen Klopp, singer/songwriter Niall Horan and golf’s Rory McIlroy were among those sending in messages of encouragement on social media. On the walk itself the juniors from St Pierre Marriott GC cheered him on near the end of his odyssey that clearly left Bjorn struggling with blisters and fatigue at times – but he never faltered, and kept smiling.

Our charity helps more children of all abilities to find a start in golf and we also seek to enrich young lives by learning life skills through the game. The former Ryder Cup Europe Captain exemplified focus, resilience and honesty on this gruelling #Wentworth2Wales walk. Thomas showed you can be tough, but you can also say when you’re struggling: a message for our times?

Golf Foundation Chief Executive Brendon Pyle said: “This was a fantastic gesture by Thomas Bjorn, to sacrifice his time for this massive challenge and to make us a joint recipient of the fundraising with UNICEF; such a prestigious charity for young people that we were honoured to be associated with.

“Thomas’s walk was courageous, selfless and generous in spirit, and will have inspired a great many young people; our charity team is so grateful to him. All the funds raised will be invested wisely as we work to change the lives of young people through the power of golf and offer them those life skills which are perhaps more important today than ever. Thank you again to Thomas, the Ryder Cup Europe team and the European Tour for their great support.”

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