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June 8, 2020

Amber – “I’m so glad we can play golf again!”

Amber, aged 10, plays golf at Chesfield Downs GC in Hertfordshire, but even the weekend’s showery weather didn’t dampen her excitement to be back playing golf!

Following our appeal asking young golfers to let us know how they feel to be back on the course Amber said “I am so glad we can play golf again. I love being out on the course swinging and stretching in the countryside. I’m looking forward to when I can go back to coaching with Jo Oliver (PGA Pro.)”  Here’s Amber enjoying her third round since the club reopened and she is already playing 3 under her handicap.

Amber’s Mum Emel, got in touch to tell us that Amber’s been playing golf since she was 4 and a half. Last year, Amber was part of the Chesfields Downs GolfSixes League team and was looking forward to competing again but on the main course this season, before the lockdown forced clubs to close.

We are all disappointed that GolfSixes League fixtures were postponed but look forward to the time when they can start again.

Thank you to all the young people who have shared their stories with us. We have loved to hear your stories on how pleased you are to be back on the fairways!

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