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May 21, 2020

An ‘Ode to Golf’

When Golf Foundation CEO Brendon Pyle played his first round of golf last weekend he was delighted to be back on the course.

Brendon penned this ‘Ode to Golf’ to show how much he enjoyed it!

Yesterday I played my first round of golf,
Since our world was bogied by the Covid wolf.
Late and stressed, and rushing to the tee,
I struck my first shot …and my soul soared free.

From the scent of the grass and the sound of the thwack,
To the scene of the green, it was a joy to be back.
I was greeted and treated by my welcoming Pro,
Smiling and happy with his all-weather glow.

I relished the time playing golf with my son,
Enjoying his learning and willing him on.
I saw family pairs smiling in that knowing way,
Walking and talking, and savouring their day.

And for a few precious hours our senses were calm,
Focusing our time on keeping ‘that ball’ from harm.
There were birdies and bogies, and splashes galore,
Laughter and giggles, and the odd shout of FORE.

So now I can’t wait for my next round of joy,
Swinging my sticks and ‘chilling’ with my boy.
Which got me to thinking, it’s not such a mystery…
Golf can help until the virus is history.

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