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March 24, 2022

Coppull class concentrates on golf!

Fun golf in schools: children from Coppull Parish Church School in Lancashire have completed in style all five weeks of their Golf Foundation Primary School Programme. Eleven boys and five girls clearly loved their start in golf as a key part of their after-school-club activity, all using new Golfway equipment designed to give confidence to children of all abilities.

The 8-10 year-olds all now understand the fundamentals of GASP (Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture). They have absorbed techniques and drills like Laser Aiming, the Scarecrow Routine, a Hotdog Grip and Equal Steps, while on the mental side much has also been achieved – breathing well before pressure shots, using the ‘Square of Concentration’ and self-reflection methods like ‘What went well?’ and ‘Even better if?’ 

The pupils were also able to give us their examples of where they have been using this Square of Concentration away from golf: during maths lessons, reading a book in the library, and playing on the tablet at home!

Andy Leigh, who leads on school golf for the Golf Foundation, said: “I was so impressed with how quickly the youngsters got a feel for technique using Golfway, and also had the creativity, imagination and focus to tune into some of the mental benefits that can be soon learned via our fun golf coaching. The children and teachers should be super-proud of their efforts!”

Our school programme offers easy to learn golf skills and life skills wrapped around energy and enjoyment. See here for how teachers and PGA coaches can get involved, and see more on the Square of Concentration and other focus skills here

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