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March 29, 2022

Hero’s Handshake – Time to nominate

Young Ambassadors invite nominations for 2022 ‘Hero’s Handshake’ awards

The Young Ambassadors – supported by the Golf Foundation and England Golf – will this week tee off the new season by welcoming back the popular Hero’s Handshake award and are appealing to the golfing public to nominate future winners.

The 2022 cohort of Young Ambassadors is a group of young men and women aged 14-22 dedicated to championing the game and looking at golf from a junior perspective.

Click here to discover more about the 2022 group of Young Ambassadors.

The Hero’s Handshake awards, first presented in 2019, recognise young people in golf who show commitment and dedication to the game and who help others by promoting a positive image of the sport.

The award does not look to honour those who pick up trophies, but instead thanks those individuals who support the game.

It rewards those golfers who display a positive attitude and generosity of spirit when helping others celebrate even the smallest of achievements.

Nominations for the first award of the 2022 season are now being invited.

Anyone can nominate a potential winner by clicking here and filling out a short nomination form. 

Ali Jodiyawalla from the Young Ambassadors’ programme said: “The Hero’s Handshake project has been key in recognising young people in golf who are doing amazing things to help grow the game and highlight the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

“We hope it tells young golfers that we value not only the winners, but also the role models in golf that are showing how fun the sport can be for young people of all backgrounds.

“Now we need the help of club pros, golfers and members of the public to help us identify the next group of heroes.”

In 2021, the Young Ambassadors recognised the work of six outstanding juniors and presented awards in honour of their work either in-person or via a virtual ceremony.

The winners included Andrew Mulhall from Belton Woods Golf Club who won the June award after using social media to keep members connected.

The 17-year-old was on hand to help Junior Organiser Kenneth Claxon to ensure juniors at the club were not only enthused for the sport, but also given the information they needed to make the most of their membership.

Olivia Whittle from Chase Golf and Country Club was another 2021 winner. She was stunned to receive recognition from her peers for the dedication she showed during COVID-19 lockdowns to encourage fellow juniors to keep practising their golf in their gardens by creating videos and training drills.

In September, Harvey Dobson from Wexham Golf Club was the winner of the award due to his tireless work to make sure fellow junior members got together and enjoyed both the sporting and social elements of golf through his ‘Fun Fridays’ initiative.

The work of the Young Ambassadors aligns with England Golf’s ‘Course Planner’ strategy for 2021-2025 with the group helping to amplify messages on behalf of junior golfers from across the country.

The Young Ambassadors’ programme gives juniors a platform to have their voices heard throughout the golf industry and to inspire the next generation of golfers.

To connect with the Young Ambassadors or to ask any questions about the Hero’s Handshake awards for 2022, head to @GolfAmbassadors on Twitter, search for ‘golfambassadors’ on Instagram or email [email protected]

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