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May 22, 2020

How does it feel to be playing golf again?

As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week we feel it is the perfect time to celebrate the benefits of doing an activity that you love, particularly during the current situation.

As people venture back out onto the course safely, the Golf Foundation would love to hear how juniors feel to be back playing through stories, pictures, videos, poems or even by email.

We are asking young golfers to send us their answers to the questions below.

  1. What have you missed about playing golf? (e.g. your friends, exercise, or being outside in the fresh air.) And how does it feel to be back playing? (e.g. are you excited or happy?)
  2. What did you most enjoy about your first round back?
  3. Is there someone you would like to thank for introducing you to golf? (e.g. your family member, teacher or a PGA Coach.)

Juniors can answer any or all of the above questions. If you/they are sharing a short video, please remember to introduce yourself with your first name and which golf club you usually like to play at (if applicable.)

We will share these thoughts of our young golfers and will select one entry to receive a prize of a dozen Titleist golf balls! The closing date for entries is Monday 15th June 2020.

We are grateful to Golf Foundation and England Golf young Ambassador, Tom Ryder for sharing his fun message on how he feels to be back on the course. You can watch Tom’s clip below.

When Golf Foundation CEO Brendon Pyle played his first round last weekend he was delighted to be back. He has penned his ‘Ode to Golf’ to show how much he enjoyed it!

We’d now like to hear young golfers’ thoughts so please ask your juniors to share their poems, written stories, videos, pictures, posts etc. with us on social media (see details below) or email [email protected].
@GolfRootsHQ on Twitter
@TheGolfFoundation Facebook
@golf_foundation_org on Instagram

We can’t wait to hear the stories!

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