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January 24, 2019

HSBC Golf Roots Plus adds up

HSBC Golf Roots ‘Plus’ projects are an essential part of Golf Foundation delivery as they demonstrate our social responsibility and commitment to ensuring that all young people, irrespective of race, gender, disability, religion or personal circumstances, can enjoy all the reasons why golf is such a great sport for juniors.

The HSBC Golf Roots Plus scheme (supported by HSBC and The Gerald Micklem Trust) provides up to £1,500 of project funding to local delivery partners that feel that young people in their care would benefit from developing life skills through sport. Organisations such as youth services, local authorities, police services, apprenticeship bodies, golf clubs or school partnerships have all coordinated projects in the past. During the last three years, more than 35 organisations have received funding in this way.

The projects have been motivated by a desire to confront a variety of challenges – some have worked to tackle issues of social exclusion, others to provide golfing opportunities to young people with disabilities, but all have been focused on exploring innovative new ways to make the sport more accessible to young people.

Example: Welcoming golf club helps to make lasting impact in its community

The Northamptonshire Sport HSBC Golf Roots Plus project with Brampton Heath Golf Club has been highly successful in nurturing its participants (pictured above) into regular play.

First funded in 2016, the project increased PE participation for youngsters with disabilities and/or special educational needs (SEN), first using the Golf Foundation ‘Tri-Golf’ format that has been such a hit in so many schools. This initial project was seen as so progressive in offering a try at golf and also creating regular players that a further grant was awarded in 2018 to continue the programme with the support of the members and staff at Brampton Heath GC (on this occasion there was an additional focus on developing leadership skills).

More than 40 children with special educational needs played golf for the first time and all the pupils who attended the sessions received Par 3 membership at Brampton Heath GC. By the end of the programme, 56% of the young people had taken advantage of the opportunity of free membership on the academy course. The project also increased parental involvement in golf, including a fun, family golf day at Brampton Heath in July, while all at the golf club itself have shown the venue to be a very welcoming environment for young players.

A direct outcome of the programme is that for the very first time, Tri-Golf activity for young people with SEN and disabilities has been included in Northamptonshire Level 3 School Games finals competition. This progress, plus all the great work at Brampton Heath GC, means this project has created a lasting impact in the local community and helped raise the profile of golf in a highly positive way.

If your organisation is interested in running an HSBC Golf Roots Plus project, please discuss your proposal with your Regional Development Officer before applying. (A new application process will be implemented in March 2019, please keep an eye on our website and social media for more details. )

(Picture: Leaderboard Photography)

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