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May 5, 2021

Inci Mehmet inspires at Golf Foundation girls leadership conference

Our Golf Foundation team held a third session of our National Girls Leadership Programme this week and welcomed a very special guest speaker in Inci Mehmet, Ladies European Tour player and Sky Sports presenter, who gave all the young delegates present a clear insight into how to get the most out of yourself in golf but also in your wider life as a whole.

Inci discussed with the 23 delegates how Tiger Woods had inspired her as a young girl to dream that she could reach the heights in golf, and why role models can be so important for young people (Inci showed the conference this great clip on Tiger and Rory).

She then gave all present some top tips to achieving goals, which included: “enjoy the journey” (smell the flowers along the way); avoid comparing yourself to others; that small wins add up to big victories, and to realise that the learning never stops (so be curious).

Inci clearly enjoyed an excellent online session, smiling her way through an hour of her discussion with the girls (the 30 minute session grew due to the enthusiasm of all!), as the girls asked her questions about her career, her golf and wider outlook.

Alice Lowe, Golf Foundation RDO who helped organise the conference, said: “Inci was so generous with her time and her highly positive way of approaching her career and her life was genuinely inspiring for all present – she was a delight to talk with. What also came across is how mentally strong Inci is. Interestingly, she said that the skills learned on the golf course had undoubtedly helped in her wider television career.”

This is a view our charity was pleased to hear. Encouraging young people to learn valuable life skills through golf is a cornerstone of the Golf Foundation’s philosophy (see more on our work here.)

Inci’s knowledge in media and sport added to the expertise in this series of four sessions designed to empower girls as golfers and also in their wider lives as they look ahead to possible careers and influencing their peers.

Our team would also like to thank the Anita White Foundation for a generous grant, which helped us to stage this National Girls Leadership Programme this year.

* See more on our work in girls’ golf here.

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