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November 22, 2021

Issie’s year highlights inspirational club approach at Enfield

It’s always exciting to see a golf club that really gets behind the juniors, and on presentation nights at Enfield Golf Club in Middlesex the juniors clearly become the real stars of the club!

Club Junior Captain Issie Brunskill has been writing a regular blog for about her year in the role (you can read this here). Issie invited Women & Golf’s Editor Emma Ballard to the latest Junior Presentation Evening last week.

Issie is pictured second left, with Kathryn Tiddy (right).

Emma said: “The biggest take away for me, apart from being very impressed with the depth of talent at the club, was the camaraderie and community spirit that was on display. Everybody celebrating everyone’s achievements…”

Emma also gave much praise to the hard work and dedication of volunteers Kathryn and Phil Tiddy, Enfield GC’s Junior Organisers. “Their passion for the section and the club shone through all night,” said Emma.

Enfield’s former Chair is Kim Wild, who is also a much valued Trustee of the Golf Foundation, the charity which brings the game to more youngsters from all backgrounds, all over the country.

Kim is passionate about encouraging juniors. Through Kim, a few years ago, the club invited our Chief Executive Brendon Pyle to its Junior Presentation Evening and Brendon had a similar experience to that of Emma.

“I was really inspired by the great atmosphere at Enfield for young people, and the inclusive and respectful way the club treats its juniors,” said Brendon. “Phil Tiddy talked me through their dynamic approach, and out of the positive attitude of all the youngsters present it gave our charity the idea to include ‘Skills for Life’ medals as part of our club programme; a way of celebrating the fun, spirit and engagement of youngsters towards other children and everyone at their golf club. This has been a very popular and successful addition in many of our clubs and this idea started at Enfield.”

Brendon added: “Issie Brunskill is clearly a brilliant Junior Captain for Enfield and it is great to see Issie and her friends looking forward to going on to university in the near future, where we hope they will have time to enjoy some great golf!”

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