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February 24, 2022

Loughborough University a great venue for schools golf training

Our team visited the famous hotspot for sporting expertise – Loughborough University – to train secondary school PE teachers in how to present golf in their school curriculum for kids from all backgrounds.

Nearly 50 student teachers were introduced to our new Schools Programme for 2022, designed to make the introduction of golf to young people fun, inclusive, enriching and great for their wellbeing. Adapted Golfway equipment is bright and colourful, big and bold – and designed so that pupils achieve initial success quickly. Games and practice cards can be used to pass on ‘life skills’ such as resilience, breathing and emotional control.

Andy Leigh, who leads on golf in schools for the Golf Foundation, said: “While we enjoyed sharing our programme with the trainee teachers we also appreciated some great feedback from them today. After explaining all the physical and wellbeing benefits that their pupils will enjoy from experiencing golf, we took the teacher students through our innovative teaching points to help them explore all that golf can offer school pupils in the sports hall, on the playing field and in their wider life.

“It has been fantastic to present our Schools Programme at the famous centre of excellence here at Loughborough, with the university’s support. We are rolling out the initiative in secondary schools up and down the country and will assess its initial impact in the spring and summer.”

* Find out more about how golf helps young people here.

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