Open 2023

Gayton Primary Pick Up GSL Mini League Trophy

We were delighted to be joined on stand by the kids from Gayton Primary School, who picked up their GolfSixes Mini League trophy after their success during our Road to the Open event.

The children had a great day at The Open, and enjoyed some time in the Swingzone before having a go at the long putt competition. The brand new trophy was the highlight of the visit, though, as Gayton were the first to see their name adorning the brand new trophy.

“All the group have been great,” said Gavin Forsyth, regional development officer for the area. “They excelled at the GolfSixes Mini League events, but more importantly they really enjoy the game, and it’s been great seeing them bring that enjoyment to Hoylake today, and translate their enthusiasm into a real event – they’ve loved being on stand and they’ve just headed off to track down some of their favourite players. Exactly what it’s all about!”

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