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January 29, 2021

Putting Fun into Activity at Home – everyone can have a go!

The Golf Foundation team is encouraging all youngsters to enjoy some golf positivity in the weeks ahead through our social media lockdown challenge – Putting Fun into Activity at Home.

This will be a series of putting-based indoor games for any age and ability, offering focus, inter-family rivalry, quick-fire skills, with a layer of learning in the mix (designed for everyone, from those who have never taken a golf swing before, to the avid golfers out there).

We are inviting our PGA Professional colleagues to join in – to inspire your own juniors, help share their best efforts, and show us all how it’s done by the experts!

All household family members can play, and you don’t even need golf kit. Get creative: you can use cricket bats, tennis racquets, umbrellas, tennis or bouncy balls and rolled-up tin foil or a pair of socks – or a putter and golf ball if you have these of course.

The first of our challenges is a high-energy 6ft putting game against the clock called #6ft60seconds – which you can watch below.

We are asking kids to tag in three friends to share it around on social media and encourage a non-golfer or two to have a go – we would love to hear what they think of putting and golf!

Use hashtags #6ft60seconds and #GolfatHome for this challenge. 

Please remember to tag in the Golf Foundation on social media: @golffoundation on Twitter, @golf_foundation_org on Instagram and The Golf Foundation on Facebook. 

We will be offering a great prize of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls in this challenge courtesy of one of this charity’s top charity partners, Titleist (more information soon).

Putting Fun into Activity at Home can help kids to enjoy golf and learn with their family, and your help is really appreciated. It is also part of a wider offering of knowledge and support online that the Golf Foundation sees as vital in presenting to this charity’s colleagues, the PGA Professional coaches, volunteers, school teachers and sports coaches, in the weeks ahead. This includes online webinars, educational workshops, learning resources and individual communication support – building over the months ahead towards a safe return to golf in schools, communities and golf clubs.

We will keep in touch with our colleagues and good luck with our challenges!

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