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November 19, 2020

Time for golf to give back…

If you want to make a big difference for young people through golf in your local area, it’s time to make your move for #GolfForGood.

(Image courtesy of Vibrant Partnerships)

To ensure local inclusive community golf projects for young people can apply for ‘HSBC Golf Roots PLUS’ funding of up to £1,500, the Golf Foundation has increased the length of the application window until January 8, 2021.

HSBC Golf Roots PLUS funding is available for a wide range of community-based educational/social/health projects which wish to introduce the life skills benefits of golf to young people.

Martin Crowder, Head of Development for the Golf Foundation, said: “The timing of the latest round of HSBC Golf Roots PLUS funding is appropriate after a season in which our team has supported the #GolfForGood mood, where we have kept young people and families active, healthy and upbeat over a really challenging summer. The hashtag was created by the European Tour at a time when many in the golf industry wish to make golf more genuinely inclusive for young people.

“This sentiment fits well with the ethos of our ‘PLUS’ projects [funded by HSBC and The Gerald Micklem Charitable Trust] which are key in our drive to create life changing opportunities for young people using the power of golf.

“With the second lockdown in November and potentially many workers on furlough, we will keep the window open until January 8, 2021. We are very keen that all our friends delivering community activity, who have an interest in golf, can have time to make an application.”

To apply for an HSBC Golf Roots PLUS discretionary grant, please fill out and complete the form.

If your organisation is interested in running an HSBC Golf Roots PLUS Project in England, please discuss your proposal with your Regional Development Officer before applying. If you are based in Wales, you will need to contact the team at Wales Golf and you can find their details here. If you are based in Scotland, please contact Gavin Forrester at Scottish Golf, [email protected] for more details.

In recent times, a range of PLUS projects have supported young people with a disability and/or special educational needs (SEND), or behavioural issues. Other projects have worked to build the confidence of young people and widen their social opportunities through golf.

During the last year or so, 15 organisations have benefited from HSBC Golf Roots PLUS funding. Current projects include the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Wales, Special Olympics Sandwell, the Bath Rugby Community Foundation and Inspired Sports Solutions in Birmingham.

Ideally, each HSBC Golf Roots PLUS project should link to a local HSBC Golf Roots golf facility (last year we worked with 437 such facilities), involve a PGA Coach, and train young people as volunteers.

  • Click here to apply for HSBC Golf Roots PLUS funding.
  • See our Contact Us section to find your nearest Golf Foundation Regional Development Officer (RDO).

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