Unleash Your Drive Impact Measurement User Notes

Welcome to an exciting dimension of Unleash Your Drive! Our Impact Measure is a powerful tool designed to quantify and assess the transformative effects of the Unleash Your Drive programme in schools, community, and club-based deliveries.

Through a simple two-step self-assessment process, participants will provide valuable insights into their experiences, allowing us to gauge the impact of our engaging golf lessons. The measure includes 15 multiple-choice questions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of mental toughness tool understanding and overall wellbeing.

The insights gathered from both the pre and post-course self-assessments will reveal the impact of the Mental Toughness Tools on your group. These assessments serve as windows into the transformative journey, allowing us to understand and celebrate the positive influence these tools have had on individuals throughout the Unleash Your Drive programme.

Get ready to measure, assess, and celebrate the impact!

Step 1: Pre-Course Self Assessment

– Participants provide name, date of birth, and school information.

– Essential for matching with post-course results.

Step 2: Development of 9 Mental Toughness Tools

– Participants engage in fun golf lessons designed to cultivate these tools.

Step 3: Post-Course Self Assessment

– Participants complete the post-course self assessment.

– Accuracy is crucial for effective impact measurement.

– Remind participants of the Mental Toughness Tools to enhance response relevance.

Step 4: Report Production by Golf Foundation

– Once delivery and assessments are complete, inform the Golf Foundation.

– We’ll generate a comprehensive report based on your data and provide the results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unleash Your Drive and Mental Toughness Self-Assessment Measure

What is the purpose of the self-assessment measure in Unleash Your Drive?

The self-assessment measures the impact of Mental Toughness Tools developed during the programme, providing valuable insights into the improvement of the participants’ overall wellbeing.

How many questions are included in the self-assessment?

There are 15 questions in the self-assessment, created by mental toughness experts.

What is the basis of the self-assessment questions?

The questions are based on the MTQ-48 psychometric measure and include the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.

How long does it take to complete the self-assessment?

It takes only a few minutes to complete, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

Why is participant data collected during the self-assessment?

Data is used solely for identification purposes, linking pre and post self-assessment results with the correct participant.

When should the pre-course self-assessment be completed?

It is crucial to complete the pre-course self-assessment before lesson one to capture a baseline for comparison.

How can we ensure quality answers from children during the self-assessment?

Consider booking out a computer room or completing the self-assessment individually 1-1 with a member of staff for optimal responses.

What role do Mental Toughness Tools play in overall wellbeing?

Developing Mental Toughness Tools directly impacts overall wellbeing, fostering resilience and coping strategies.

Can the self-assessment measure be used for individuals or groups?

Yes, the self-assessment can be applied to both individuals and groups, providing valuable insights at various levels.

How can we access the results of the self-assessment for our group?

The Golf Foundation will produce a comprehensive report based on the data.

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