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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the terms and conditions for External Service Providers seeking to deliver the Golf Foundation’s Unleash Your Drive Programme. By participating in the delivery of this programme, EPS’s commit to meeting specific requirements to ensure the successful delivery of the programme objectives and support the Golf Foundation’s mission of introducing more children to golf, from all backgrounds and creating golfers.

An Unleash Your Drive External Service Provider (ESP) is an individual or organisation instructed by the programme coordinator (school, community, club coordinator) to deliver the Unleash Your Drive Programme, aimed at introducing children to golf in an inclusive and engaging manner. ESPs encompass a diverse range of professionals, including external coaches, PGA Professional Golf Coaches, Community Golf Instructors, temporary staff, and coaching agency staff.

Section 1: Provider Registration

1.1. Provider Approval: ESPs must register with the Golf Foundation as an approved ESPs before delivering the Unleash Your Drive programme and meet the minimum operating requirements. ESPs will be provided with a unique ESP ID.

Section 2: Minimum Operating Standards

2.1. Compliance: ESPs must observe to the minimum operating standards established by the Golf Foundation. These standards are essential to maintaining programme quality and consistency.

Section 3: Training

3.1. Training Requirement: ESPs must complete the approved training provided by the Golf Foundation that is appropriate to the delivery i.e. UYD in Primary Schools, UYD in Secondary Schools, UYD in Community, UYD in Clubs. This training is designed to ensure that providers are adequately prepared to deliver the Unleash Your Drive.

3.2 The Golf Foundation is committed to ongoing support of ESPs. Any future developments, updates and further CPD will be communicated.

Section 4: Programme Delivery

4.1. Learning Objectives: ESPs are responsible for delivering the programme with the expected learning objectives, including the teaching of the 9 Mental Toughness tools and fundamental golf skills to participants. The school, community groups and clubs are expecting this to be core learning.

4.2. Promotion: ESPs are expected to promote the Unleash Your Drive core offer, which includes Golfway equipment, the core learning opportunities, resources, and training to help develop sustainable projects.

4.3. School Registration: ALL participating schools must register with the Golf Foundation to ensure programme tracking and further support.

Section 5: Monitoring and Reporting

5.1. Impact Monitoring: ESPs must complete an annual impact monitoring process upon request by the Golf Foundation. This process helps assess the effectiveness of the programme and identify areas for improvement.

Section 6: Communication

6.1. Timely Correspondence: ESPs agree to respond promptly to any communication from the Golf Foundation. Timely communication is essential for programme coordination and support.

Section 7: Provider Status

7.1. Status Revocation: The Golf Foundation reserves the right to remove approved deliverer status from any ESP found to be in violation of this SLA or not aligned with the Golf Foundation’s mission.

Section 8: Mission Alignment

8.1. Mission Promotion: ESPs commit to promoting the Golf Foundation’s mission, which is to introduce more children to golf, from all backgrounds, and creating golfers.

By signing below, External Service Providers acknowledge their commitment to complying with the terms and conditions outlined in this Service Level Agreement. Failure to meet these obligations may result in the termination of provider status.

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