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Definition of an External Service Provider

An External Services Provider refers to any individual not directly employed by the registered school, community group, or golf facility, yet is engaged in delivering Golf Foundation programmes on their behalf. The registered school, community group, or golf facility retains the rights to the programme. To maintain programme consistency, all external service providers are required to register with the Golf Foundation and undergo relevant online training. This training ensures understanding of core the outcomes and supports the effective delivery.

The Unleash Your Drive programme aims to equip all participating children with consistent core golf skills and mental toughness tools.

This may include:

We believe that collaboration between Unleash Your Drive projects and external service providers is crucial for introducing more children to golf, regardless of their background, and creating future golfers.

About the Unleash Your Drive programme

The Unleash Your Drive Programme is unique in that it empowers schools, community groups and golf facilities to take ownership of the golf programme. The project and the employed staff are at the core of delivering this initiative. This approach encourages longevity and the establishment of golf as a standard sport within the school and community setting.

However, the Golf Foundation recognises the value that external service providers can bring to complement this effort. We understand that external providers can offer specialised expertise and links to the local golf facility. These are added extras that will enhance the Unleash Your Drive programme and overall experience to the children and young people. We also recognise that in some geographic areas, linking with external providers can be a challenge hence why supporting the employed staff is the priority in our approach.

Our Call to External Service Providers

We invite ESP’s who share our passion for golf’s potential to change lives to join us in this drive. If you or your organisation believe in the transformative power of golf, we want to hear from you. By becoming a recognised ESP, you play a pivotal role in introducing more children to golf, introducing fundamental golf skills, and teaching them mental toughness tools that extend beyond golf and contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Why You Should Become a Recognised External Service Provider

How To Get Started

To become a recognised ESP, please fill out our online form. This form will help us understand your commitment and qualifications to support the Unleash Your Drive Programme effectively. It will also allow us to see which projects you are supporting.

Additionally, you can access a copy of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for ESP’s, which outlines the terms and conditions of your involvement. The SLA formalises your commitment and responsibilities in supporting the Golf Foundation’s mission.

Apply Here

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We look forward to partnering with you in creating more opportunities for children to be introduced to golf and become the golfers of the future. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of young individuals through the power of this unique programme.

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