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Unleash Your Drive in Schools: Terms and Conditions

• Participating schools agree to promptly respond to correspondence from the Golf Foundation to ensure effective communication and programme implementation.

Equipment Usage
• Schools commit to utilising only Golfway equipment for the delivery of the Unleash Your Drive programme.
Learning Objectives
• Schools will adhere to the core learning objectives of the programme, focusing on mental toughness and wellbeing as integral components.

• Schools agree to adopt the self-assessment process provided by the Golf Foundation to measure the impact of the programme on pupils’ mental toughness understanding and overall wellbeing.

Data Usage
• The Golf Foundation will use contact information for pupils solely to create impact reports and communicate essential links to support the self-assessment process. The privacy and confidentiality of student information will be maintained and in accordance with the Golf Foundation Privacy Policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation
• Participating schools will complete any monitoring and evaluation requests from the Golf Foundation to assess the programme’s effectiveness and make necessary improvements.

• Schools will actively promote the Unleash Your Drive programme on social media, school websites, and communication platforms, when possible, to raise awareness and encourage participation.

Programme Withdrawal
• The Golf Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the use of the Unleash Your Drive programme and associated branding from any school at any time, should there be a breach of these terms and conditions or for other justifiable reasons.
By enrolling in the Unleash Your Drive Primary School Programme, schools affirm their commitment to these terms and conditions, thereby facilitating the successful implementation of the program and its positive impact on students. The Golf Foundation looks forward to a collaborative and rewarding partnership with participating schools.

Term of Agreement

  1. This agreement commits the school to deliver the programme to a minimum of 30 pupils, which can be across a number of cohorts e.g. 3 groups of 10 or 1 class of 30 in a 12 month period.
  2. At the start of each calendar we will check your intentions and plans of delivery to any new cohort of pupils in your school.
  3. We expect schools to sustain delivery beyond the first year of delivery and identify new staff to be trained and expand provision of the programme across the school day e.g. curriculum or extra curriculum activity.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We require all participating schools to undertake monitoring and evaluation in three elements:

  1. Pre programme questionnaire (15 questions) undertaken by all pupils participating in the programme
  2. Post programme questionnaire (15 questions) undertaken by all pupils participating in the programme
  3. Annual report from teacher/coach including key statistics and feedback.
    • Gender, Disability, Ethnic diversity, track any participants having a taster session at the golf club site (if available).
    Marketing and Communications
    • Where permissions allow, capture images of the programme in action to include in the monitoring and evaluation
    • If sharing on social media, tag the Golf Foundation in any communication.
    Facebook – The Golf Foundation
    Twitter – @golffoundation
    Instagram – @golf_foundation_org

Intellectual Property
The school acknowledges that all copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights deriving from the services shall belong to the Golf Foundation. In addition to this the school, teacher or deliverer of the programme:

  1. may only use, keep, and reproduce the materials for the purposes of delivering the programme;
  2. not alter the materials without the Golf Foundation’s prior written consent; and
  3. will delete any copies of the materials in their possession or control at the Golf Foundation’s request

Privacy and Consent
The Golf Foundation is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under data protection law and GDPR. The Golf Foundation’s Data Protection Policy applies to all personal data processed by the Golf Foundation.
For details on how the Golf Foundation process your data please visit our Privacy Policy on www.golf-foundation.org/about/privacy-policy/
As a condition of the programme the Golf Foundation will contact the school to carry out core administration and monitoring of the programme.

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