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June 1, 2020

Vinnie – “I missed being able to use my driver the most!”

As golf clubs begin to reopen, we have loved to hear how young golfers feel to be back playing again, here are the thoughts of 8 year old Vinnie from Abingdon.

Vinnie’s mum Vicki got in touch to let us know that her son is “is absolutely thrilled to be back at Drayton Park Golf Club, Abingdon.”   Vinnie was given a set of plastic golf clubs at the age of 3 and has loved the game ever since. This is how he feels to be back on the fairways.  

  1. What have you missed about playing golf? And how does it feel to be back playing?
    I missed being able to use my driver the most.
  2. What did you most enjoy about your first round back?
    My favourite bit about being back out there was being able to play a whole round using all of my clubs and no plastic golf balls! 
  3. Is there someone you would like to thank for introducing you to golf?
    The person who has supported me from age 4 is the head coach at Drayton, Greg Roostan, he believes I’m good and makes sure he gives me loads of challenges so I get better and better, he even kept in contact during lockdown, keeping me busy. I can’t wait to have a lesson with him as my 3 wood off the floor isn’t so good as I am out of practice.

We’d love to hear more stories like Vinnie’s.  Please follow this link if you would like some inspiration on how to get involved and details on how to contact us. 

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