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November 25, 2021

Why golf is a great game to play in school

Our charity works to help children from all backgrounds to enjoy golf so giving pupils a positive introduction to the sport in school shows it is a game for everyone.

In the last 10 years we have given more than 5 million children a taste of golf in school so we know how much young people can benefit from the sport.

Here are some reasons why we believe golf is the ideal game for pupils and how we can support your school to embrace the game.

  1. Golf is an inclusive game – we know ALL pupils can enjoy golf safely in school and we can show how it can be easily adapted to meet the individual needs of your pupils. (See our inclusive golf section for more details.)
  2. Safe equipment – Golfway is our official equipment recommended for use in both primary and secondary schools (and in indoor or outdoor settings.) The light, robust clubs and restricted flight golf balls can help children to learn the fundamentals of the game safely. Golfway kit can be bought for £290 + VAT via the Golf Foundation store. If you register your details with the Foundation you will be given a code to buy at a discounted rate.
  3. Teaching resources – Our expert development team has produced simple guides to demonstrate how easy it can be for teachers and school staff to help children play golf indoors or outdoors.
    Each Golfway equipment bag purchased includes a range of easy to follow activity cards. If a school signs up to deliver the full Golf Foundation Primary School Programme, a resource is provided which includes games and linked lesson plans.
    More support for teachers including downloadable games cards, videos and online learning is coming soon in 2022 via the NEW Golf Foundation digital platform. Sign up here to find out more.
  4. Golf can be incorporated into the curriculum – Golf has application beyond PE lessons, or after-school clubs. We can provide advice on how to incorporate golf into your school’s curriculum, e.g. helping children to learn key maths skills such as addition, measuring distance or even art and design activities. 
  5. Golf is part of the School Games – Your pupils can enjoy a competitive experience of golf with local schools as part of the School Games. (See our latest Impact Report)
  6. Teaching videos – We understand teachers are busy so have created a range of videos to demonstrate how to set up the fun golf games. 
  7. Golf has great mental and physical health benefits – Golf can be a great way to teach skills such as concentration, breathing techniques or how to deal with setbacks etc. The Golf Foundation even has a bespoke programme (Unleash Your Drive) focused on learning these skills, see more here
  8. Don’t just take our word for it – hear the views of a teacher from East London!
  1. If you’d like to get golf in your school, sign up here to find out more.

Image courtesy of Emile Holba.

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