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September 20, 2019

2019 Critchley Award – Addington Court Golf Centre

This year’s winner is Addington Court Golf Centre, Croydon

Addington Court Golf Centre has worked with the Golf Foundation for a number of years to develop a thriving junior friendly facility. It regularly delivers the charity’s initiatives such as Tri-Golf and StreetGolf in local schools, utilises the Box of Tricks resource and its PGA Professional Alex MacGregor was one of the first individuals involved in the Unleash Your Drive pilot project. The club received the Critchley Award in recognition of the range of initiatives it employed to engage the diverse community of Croydon in 2018. These included projects targeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities, teenage girls who were reluctant to be involved in sport and developing the club’s first coaching partnership with an Islamic School where only 2 of the 85 children who took part had ever played golf.

(Picture: courtesy of Getty Images)

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