Box of Tricks

The ‘Box of Tricks’ is a great resource for clubs aimed at keeping juniors interested in golf and supporting the progression of new junior golfers into club membership.

This attractively packaged box of proven good ideas can offer flashes of inspiration to managers, pros and junior organisers. The ideas involved can be everything from fun game formats, inventive practice methods, ways to build confidence on the golf course, marketing ideas to raise awareness and attract families to the club, or social ideas to help integrate youngsters within the club and make them feel welcome.

The Box ofTricks resource supports golf clubs with more than 50 innovative ideas on how to retain juniors and promote a culture that enables them to play more frequently. It comes with a training workshop that focuses on junior retention in four areas of the club concerning: Skill, Play, Social, and Marketing.

Golf Foundation RDO Andy Leigh said: “We really enjoy our Box of Tricks workshops because we get very much a genuine positive reaction from Junior Organisers. When they see the wealth of ideas and how to apply them to help the junior section, it really provides a ‘Eureka’ moment.”

More than 400 clubs are now using the Box of Tricks, including over 100 in Scotland.

The Box of Tricks supports England Golf’s recruitment and retention programmes in golf clubs to grow the game.

If you would like to find out more please contact your local Golf Foundation Regional Development Officer.  

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