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HSBC Golf Roots Centres are golf clubs which the Golf Foundation has awarded accredited status as a fun and family friendly junior facility to play golf.  They are at the heart of our charity’s aim to enable more young people to progress from playing golf in school to joining a local golf club.

Our HSBC Golf Roots Centre programme helps golf clubs to introduce a new generation to golf and teach valuable life skills. It also supports PGA Professionals to get the most out of their junior coaching while helping golf clubs to grow their business and secure the future of the game.

To become an HSBC Golf Roots Centre we require clubs to fulfil the following criteria:

• Must employ a workforce of qualified, trained PGA Coaches and a Welfare Officer
• Have in place an up-to-date set of policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection

Here are some of the benefits of becoming an HSBC Golf Roots Centre:

Benefits of becoming an HSBC Golf Roots Centre

If your golf club is based in England and would like to be an HSBC Golf Roots Centre, please contact your local Regional Development Officer for more information

If your golf club is based in Scotland or Wales, please contact your local development team at Wales Golf or Scottish Golf

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