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March 11, 2021

Perfect time for your school to ‘START’? – Great kit at £49.99

School staff and volunteers should consider taking advantage of our ‘Virtual School Games Competition Offer’ which gives a perfect first taste of golf for kids: played easily wherever it is safe to enjoy PE at school venues.

Specially created for young children by our new equipment supplier Masters Golf, a purchased ‘Virtual Pack’ contains five clubs: two putters, three chippers (one left-hand), four game cards, score cards and access to a national online league table which is now live to use. The only other equipment you will need will be cones or markers from the P.E. cupboard. Not only does this opportunity give priceless first swings for youngsters but also fun, organised team games (which are part of a national online league!).

Your four-game Golf Skills Competition will split your class into teams of 10 (five girls and five boys). Every player takes three shots on each of the four games, and this will give you a total team score. The kit is so simple to use and is fantastic for confidence, individually and in a team! Your Virtual Pack costs £49.99 and is available here.

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