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April 5, 2022

Stress Awareness Month – How our charity is helping young people build mental resilience

Every April is Stress Awareness Month and this year’s theme is ‘community’.

Many young people have been affected by loneliness and isolation during the pandemic and the Golf Foundation is keen to help build youngsters’ mental resilience through all its programmes.

The Stress Management Society states that ‘Socialising with others has multiple benefits for our mental health. Whether it’s a sport, hobby classes or volunteering, activities like these all give meaning and purpose to our lives and make us more confident.‘

We believe that learning to play golf can have a positive impact on children’s wider lives and here are some of the ways we’re helping young people in their communities.

  • Through our HSBC Golf Roots Plus initiative, we have been able to fund several projects that will enable children (including those living in disadvantaged communities) to enjoy a fun and positive introduction to golf that increases wellbeing and confidence. Learn more about this year’s projects here.  
  • Our Unleash Your Drive programme is all about offering children the tools to develop their resilience, concentration, and confidence on the golf course, but also in their wider lives. Introducing young players to training points like the Square of Concentration and improved self-reflection (‘What went well?’ ‘Even better if’) Unleash your Drive helps with breathing techniques, coping with pressure and mindfulness which can help the wellbeing of all involved. See how the programme is helping girls in Lincolnshire here
  • We are encouraging pupils to build resilience in our new Primary Schools Programme. Pupils not only learn the fundamentals of GASP (Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture) but are invited to be self-reflective learners and apply the themes of our Unleash Your Drive training outside golf sessions. For instance, we have seen pupils give us examples of where they have been using the ‘Square of Concentration’ away from golf: during maths lessons, reading a book in the library, and playing on the tablet at home!’ 

If you’d like to find out more ways to deal with stress visit

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